All components are produced by automotive manufacturers, so we guarantee the delivery of parts according to the original and highest quality brand.

Therefore, we can provide our customers with a full 2 ​​year guarantee for each component. (Actuator, interface and electronic system).

In the development of modern engines, emissions have a high priority.
Producers mainly promote the reduction of emissions of harmful substances.
This requires a lot of compromises.

Downsizing engines also generated some noise that could not be neutralized through the exhaust system.

"Active silence" technology has been developed to quench those unwanted noises. Against unwanted sound waves, if the same sound waves are broadcast, these noises can be neutralized.

The system has been designed to withstand the high demand caused by the machine such as heat, vibration, humidity, acids, etc. around the exhaust system.

It was only a small step to creating this system that adds cars features something extra, the driving experience with sensation, namely: SOUND.


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