Frequently Questions

What is Soundster?

It's a complete and closed system that can give the sound of a (muscle car) V6 or V8 engine even for your car. A german innovation, a product that won the "Innovation of the Year 2016" award offered by Auto Bild Sport Cars in Germany.

How seriously should intervene in vehicle system?

In summary: Not at all!

Sound will be created using the Soundster system based on the data read from the on-board computer. It is important to emphasize that it is not a media system but a completely separate system through which the sound is broadcast outwards. This sound is filtered in the passenger compartment as well as a real V8.

Needed holes in the body?

In most cases, NO need! But this also depends on the type of car. If it's necessary to install a sound generator inside, a hole of only 60 mm should be made.

Is the installation required by a specialist?

To install the Soundster X-Tend system, there is enough only general technical knowledge. In each kit there are instructions for installation.

Who are the expert partners who can install Soundster X-Tend?

Search the closest service to you.

Does the installation of this system affect warranty of my vehicle?

No. However, forour customer peace, we suggest to consult with your car representative. The Soundster X-Tend system is considered the same as any other additional system that can be installed such as Security systems.

Does this have influence of car's performance?

No, because data is not entered in the computer, but only reads through the CAN-BUS. This is not a tuning chip!

What does the warranty cover?

All electronic parts of the kit have a warranty of 2 years from the sale's date.

What I have to do if don't find my car's type in the Soundster X-Tend compatible list?

There are also solutions for car types that are not on the available lists.
In these cases, please contact us.

Can I have the V6 and V8 sounds at the same time?

Yes in all cases. The system is programmed with both sounds.

Does this product have any road authorization?

Yes, but not for all types of cars. In our range there are TÜV and Race versions.
Race versions can only be used in traffic-free areas or racing tracks.


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